What Happens When ‘Thy Will Be Done’ Is Hard to Say?

Ever have those days where it's almost impossible to bend your will to God? In this post, get some comfort as well as encouragement on your journey to grow closer to God.

One morning we were rushing to get ready for school…okay, actually I was rushing to get ready. The kids were messing around. And for reasons I still don’t fully understand, my oldest son, Anthony, decided it was the opportune moment…
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When you have a million other things to do, what’s the motivation to take time to pray? In this post, find out the secret reason I can’t skip my prayer time.

Do you love a good massage as much as I do? Oh my goodness — glorious relaxation! Massages aren’t a luxury I indulge in very often anymore. However, for Christmas last year I received two gift certificates. I keep meaning…
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When Overcome Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe It

Your relationship with God is counting on honesty, but you can’t even be honest with yourself about how you really feel. In this post, learn to discover your true feelings and use them to strengthen your relationship with God.

  Hello to everyone! I’m going to try something new today. Today I want you to picture for me something you’ve seen in your life. Something that has driven you mad or something that has brought you great pleasure. It…
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