Evil loves to hide in the shadows. It comes out in the dark of night or when our mood is grim. It takes bad feelings and makes them worse. 

The devil loves to attack us when we are at our weakest — to kick us in the wounds we’ve gotten throughout life and watch us bleed. Through it all, he wants us to stay silent so we suffer alone. He makes us too ashamed to speak.

Have you noticed that?

Have you ever been hurting and you start to believe that if you tell someone they will think less of you? That people will lose respect for you or something very bad will happen? 

The enemy of our souls wants us to stay silent, so we should do the opposite.

Find someone who is trustworthy — a counselor, pastor, priest or friend — and tell them the lies you’ve been hearing…and believing…about yourself, your life or your situation. 

In this simple act of speaking out loud, you are taking the first step to freedom and a happier life. Almost instantly the lies start to lose some of their power and you begin to see a way through the shadows. 

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