Friendships blossom when you start being real with the person. This requires a certain level of trust in the other person that they will treat your truths with the privacy and respect they deserve. Can you trust Jesus enough to put away your Sunday Smile and be real with Him? Find out in this article.

What is a Sunday Smile?

To a certain extent, we all make slight adjustments in how we act or behave if we are with someone we are very familiar and comfortable with verses if we are in public or with someone we don’t know very well.

This is natural and very human. 

Your Sunday Smile is just a way of talking about those times we interact with people we don’t know very well. 

You say,  “How are you?”

They respond,  “I’m good and how about you?”

“I’m good.” Then you both smile your Sunday Smile and perhaps move on to talking about the weather or local events. 

The conversation never goes very deep. It is surface level and polite. 

You don’t let the person into what’s really going on in your life. How you are worried about your family member who is sick or wondering if you will get the job. You don’t talk about how you couldn’t sleep last night and your foot kind of hurts and you’re worried about what’s wrong with it. 

You give them your best for those few moments of conversation and it is pleasant but not overly real.

On the flip side, if you are having a private conversation with someone you are very comfortable with, you might talk about things you are worried or sad about. You might tell them about your kids or grandkids and all the things that brought you joy recently. The conversation is more real and natural. It goes below the surface to things you truly care about.

Your Sunday Smile is polite but keeps people at a distance. 

What do you think Jesus wants from you?

I think Jesus wants more from us. He doesn’t want to be just that casual acquaintance we talk to once a week when we see them at church. 

No way! Jesus wants to be the friend you tell everything to – good bad, happy, sad. 

“Well I’m so irritated because I was really hoping to get that (car, grade, job, house, etc.) and it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. And I’m really upset because my (grandma, sister, aunt, mom, etc.) is sick and I don’t know if she’s going to get better.”

“And I’ve been trying to (lose weight, exercise more, get better sleep, pray more, remember to talk to you, etc.) but I keep forgetting. Or I do good for a little while and then I forget and I just feel so frustrated at myself. Why can’t I do better?”

“And did you see how cute my (child, grandchild, niece, nephew) was when he was opening his birthday presents? I think he really liked what I got him. I can’t wait to watch him play with it.

 Jesus wants to be the friend you tell everything to – good bad, happy, sad.  

You’re not going to hurt Jesus’ feelings

With Jesus, it’s natural to want to bring our best to Him. It’s easy to have this tendency to put on our Sunday Smile and be polite and try to say all the right words. 

But we don’t need to sugarcoat our life or who we are for Jesus. We don’t need to pretend to be or feel a certain way. As my friend Lynne says, “God is big, He can take it.” It’s okay to be real with Jesus. 

You’re not going to hurt Jesus’ feelings by being honest. On the contrary, it might be hurtful if you aren’t completely honest, especially because Jesus is literally the Truth.

“I am the way the TRUTH and the life,” He told us in the Bible.

Jesus already knows how you are thinking and feeling so you literally have no need to hide anything from Him.

Be yourself 100%. Be honest. Be respectful but if you are irritated or happy, angry or sad, let it show when you talk to Jesus. You don’t have to hold that back, and it’s gloriously freeing to pray in this way. 

As with a friend, this will get easier and easier the more time you spend with Jesus. The more you talk openly and honestly with Jesus, the more natural it will feel. 

Over the years, you will develop a friendship that is so special and precious it can bring you peace, hope, joy and COMFORT no matter what life throws your way. That friendship starts today with being real and honest with Jesus. 

Your friendship with Jesus can start today with a real, honest conversation.  

Release whatever is on your mind and receive the peace Jesus gives you. It is a wonderful way to get started in a friendship with Jesus that will bless your life. 

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