There are many good ways to dive into the Word of God, but have you chosen the one that ignites your faith? Find out if your Bible reading plan is right for you!


What’s your motivation?

Are you hoping to read the Bible for quantity with the goal of reading the entire Bible in one year?

Or would you prefer to read for quality, reading less each day but diving deeper into each verse and sometimes a single phrase that speaks to your soul as you prayerfully work your way through the Bible?

Knowing what you hope to get out of it can be a great way to get started choosing the Bible reading plan that’s right for you. 

Are you reading the Bible for quantity or quality? 

Where are you at spiritually?

Do you feel a fire in your soul and a craving for God’s Word? You’re not sure where this longing came from, but you just can’t get enough of the Bible. 

On the contrary, lately has reading the Bible felt like a chore you can hardly make yourself do? Does it seem boring and tiresome? Right now you’re just searching for some way to re-ignite an interest in your faith so you can commit to it the way you know you “should.”

Both of these feelings are normal. We all go through ups and downs in our faith walk. 

 Is Your Bible Reading Plan Right for You?

Trust the Spirit. 

Whether you are embracing the ups and want to dive deeper into the Word of God or you’re just trying to survive the downs of your faith walk right now — the fact that you are coming to the Bible shows the Holy Spirit is leading you.

You can trust the Holy Spirit to guide your path moving forward, but first you need to start walking.

Choose a Bible reading plan that feels the most intriguing to you and follow that path. Be open and listen for the Holy Spirit pulling you deeper into the word or urging you onward to consume as much as you can in one sitting. 

The Holy Spirit is alive and active and will show you the way, but first you must begin the journey.  

Whether your Bible reading plan is just right or not, be willing to begin imperfectly, and trust the Holy Spirit to guide your journey.

Get started today with a free list of Bible Verses to Help You Pray. 

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