Do you ever feel like the Big Guy is giving you the silent treatment? You keep pouring your heart out, but He’s giving you the cold shoulder. All you want is a little guidance, or at least some sign He’s actually up there. Apparently He’s talking to other people. You hear them say things like, “I just feel like God is telling me [enter amazing guidance or comfort].” So what’s the deal? Why won’t God talk to you?

I think God already is talking to you. The trick is knowing how to listen. In this book, through practical, down-to-earth explanations and real-life examples, you will learn how to start hearing God. Once you know how to listen, I think you will be amazed at what you hear.

Get your copy here: Why Won’t God Talk to Me?: Surprising Ways He Already Is

What would you do if your worst fear came true?

In Forty Days Jenni DeWitt tells the story of her family’s journey through the nightmare of childhood cancer. With raw honesty, quick wit, and humor she reminds us that even on the darkest days we can still see the light and find joy with Jesus.

Buy this book on Amazon here: Forty Days: A Memoir of Our Time in the Desert of Childhood Cancer.


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