God did not create you as ONLY a body or JUST a spirt or SIMPLY a mind. We are mind, body, AND spirit and these three aspects of ourselves interact. They are are all interconnected.

How we feel mentally and physically will impact how we feel spiritually. If you’ve ever felt too tired to pray, then you’ll know what I mean. How your body felt impacted your spiritual practices.

If you ever felt so happy that your heart was lifted to prayer and praise, you can see how your mind and emotions impacted you spiritually.

We are mind, body, and spirit.

How you choose to care for your mind and body WILL impact you spiritually. That’s why it is VITAL to make a conscious effort to take care of yourself. It’s not selfish. In fact, it’s essential for your spiritual life.

Find new ways to take care of yourself

MIND – Do more of what makes you happy. Find a bit of alone time every day or, if you are alone, find a way to reach out to others. Take a shower, get dressed, go outside even if it’s just to step out into the sunshine for a moment. Watch the squirrels play or pet your cat.

SPIRIT – Spend more time in prayer. Don’t worry about being “productive” or doing things “just right” during your prayer. Just be with Jesus as you would a friend. Sit with Him. The actual Spirit of God is inside you. Speak to Him of the love, fear, anger, frustration you are feeling. Allow time for the Holy Spirit within you to speak back to your spirit.

BODY – Eat as healthy as you can, drink more water, get enough rest, and exercise (if your doctor’s approval). If you don’t know where to start, pick something small and get going.

We are not called to live exhausted and depleted. We are children of God and deserving of care. It’s vital for our spiritual life.

Jesus showed us this during His time on earth. He served the crowds. He poured himself out for his apostles and disciples and to you and me. But Jesus did not forget about His own spirituality. He rested. He slipped off to pray. He visited friends and had meals with them.

If this is what Jesus did, we should follow his example. How can you introduce more self care into your life starting today?

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