Do you ever find yourself judging your prayer time? When you walk away do you think, “That was a good prayer time.” Or maybe you think, “That wasn’t a very good prayer time.”

You have to stop saying, “That was a good/bad prayer time.”

In this post, get 3 key ways to be confident in your Christian prayer regardless of how it felt. 

What was your intention?

When you sat down to pray, what was your intention? Even if your mind didn’t always cooperate and prayer didn’t go exactly how you had hoped, what were you intending to do when you sat down? Be with Jesus, right

Then trust Jesus took care of the rest.

Sometimes we think our prayer time is based on our own skill or ability, and if we can’t see the immediate results or benefit then it wasn’t successful.

But the truth is, all we need to do is just come to Jesus in prayer and let Him take it from there. It’s part of learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and let go and let God instead of holding on so tightly to our own control of the situation and our desire for a certain outcome. 

 Do your best and let Jesus do the rest. 

Did you pray anyway?

It always amazes me how much excitement and gratitude I feel from Jesus when I simply SHOW UP for my prayer time in the morning. I can be dragging myself to that chair with crazy hair, clutching my coffee and mumbling about my cat, but Jesus, the King of the world and God Himself, is just glad I showed up.

That’s crazy and more than a little spectacular when you think about it. The King of the Universe wants to spend time with you and me. When you look at it that way, prayer seems like the obvious choice. 

But Jesus knows there are about a thousand things every day dragging us physically, mentally, and spiritually away from prayer. Kids, our job, real or imagined obligations or responsibilities, and so much more. It’s easy to push prayer off. To say we will get to it later and then never do it.

It’s HARD to GET to prayer. 

When we choose to show up and pray anyway, even on the days when we don’t particularly want to pray or feel like we have enough time to pray, we are doing well, even if our mind is all over the place and we have no idea what we are doing.

Jesus is not asking you to be perfect when you show up for prayer. He only hopes you will use your free will to choose to be with Him and pray anyway. In doing so, it unlocks the door to all the graces Jesus longs to lavish on your day and your life through prayer.

Unlock the door to all the graces Jesus longs to lavish on you with a life of prayer.

3 Ways to Know if You Prayed Well

Did you give and receive love?

If you have ever spent time with a close friend or family member, then you know that every time you spend time together doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be good. When you’re spending time together, especially when you’re having a bad day, just being together can help you feel loved and safe. It doesn’t matter what you actually DO as long as you are together. 

That’s how it is with Jesus. 

You don’t have to DO a certain thing or BE a certain way for your prayer time to be good.

If your heart is reaching out with a sense of love for Jesus, even if you don’t know what to do or say, your prayer is beautiful.

If your intention is to spend time with Jesus and you pray anyway, no matter what feelings, emotions or situations try to drive you away from that prayer time, then you prayed well. Whether or not you can sense it at the moment, you have received the love of Jesus in a special way through daily prayer that will truly bless your day and your life in new and exciting ways you will continue to discover as you choose to live a life of prayer. 

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