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5 Free Prayer Apps That Will Improve Your Prayer Life (Including the One I Use Every Day)


Do you remember those ancient days when we could walk all the way from one room to the other without our cell phones?

Now I drag the thing around with me like I need it to breathe.

Technological advances have propelled us into such a different world than the one we grew up in, and many experts say it will be the demise of us all — both as individuals and a society.

But I don’t buy that. I think technology is what we make of it. If we use it intentionally, I think it can actually help us to enhance our faith life and daily prayer time.

So that’s why I’ve put together a free guide for you: 5 Free Apps That Will Improve Your Prayer Life (Including the One I Use Every Day). You can simply open the guide and click on the app you want to download.

These apps are free in both the Apple and Android market, and I think you are really going to love them!

Click here to check them now: Show Me the Apps!

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16 thoughts on “5 Free Prayer Apps That Will Improve Your Prayer Life (Including the One I Use Every Day)

  1. I agree with you–technology is what we make of it. By itself, it’s neutral. We are the ones who turn it into good or evil. May we be mindful to use it for good!

  2. It is so sad to see young people texting one another while sitting in the same room, and family time interrupted by unimportant phone calls. May we use the Internet and other technology to spread His Word! Linked up with you at Inspire Me Monday — hope you’ll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

  3. We are so blessed to have the Word of God at our fingertips. Wonderful blessings and an opportunity to practice self discipline. Thanks for pulling this list together for us. Blessings!

  4. Jenni, I agree with you 100%! I read my Bible every morning from my phone. My daily morning prayer list and prayer journal is in my phone. People are able to immediately text me their prayer requests because of my phone. My worship playlist is in my phone. I write my blog post from my phone. I’m able to connect you and other beautiful people of GOD no matter where I am because of my phone. So, I’m very grateful for technology.

    Thank you so much for sharing the apps! I’m looking forward to checking them out. Infinite blessing to you, Love! 🙂

    #DanceWithJESUSLinkup 😉

  5. There are so many great resources today to help us be on top of it all. I’m glad you have found apps can help us keep up with our prayer life. Now if only my phone would quit running out of space! LOL

    I’m visiting from the #DanceWithJesusLinkup.

  6. How cool is this post? You encourage us mightily in ways to pray. I love this. It is so creative and helpful. You rock dear one! Cheering you from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  7. It is wonderful! Anytime, anywhere we can read or even listen to the Bible. Truly amazing. Have a great week, Carmen!

  8. Did we ever imagine we could hold so much power, connection, and information right in our hands?! So awesome to hear how you use your phone in your faith life, Tai! Grateful to have you here at Genuflected.

  9. I was happy to do it! There really are a lot of apps out there. I definitely sifted through several before coming up with this list of the awesome five. I think you’ll enjoy them!

  10. Thank you Kelly, always with such kind words! I hope you enjoy the apps. The creators definitely came up with some awesome ways to help us enhance our faith life!

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